19 February 2012


Willy & Martin with another comic song @ The Session in Conran's Rathnure.This song was a favourite of Peter Farrell R.I.P. who played with Martin Codd & The Herdsmen Showband some years ago.They had a couple of top ten hits in their day,probably the best remembered was "Whisper Your Mothers Name."    More about The Herdsmen can be found on Paddy Joyces site http://www.thebanksoftheboro.blogspot.com/ who also played with them for many years. A great site for TRAD, more videos of Conran's sessions can be found there.

16 February 2012

The Sidney Sisters.

The Sidney Sisters,Alison,Jeanette & Tammy perform in The Stanville Lodge. These talented girls are available for autographs at a high stool anywhere in the county on most weekends!!

11 February 2012

DES REDMOND "A night at the pictures in New Ross"

                                             Des Redmond with another "true story" about a night out with a girlfriend in New Ross. 25th/Nov/2011 @ The Stanville Lodge Hotel.

05 February 2012

Nick Dempsey .

Nick Dempsey tells a very funny monologue about "THE HOLIDAY IN SPAIN"
@ The Stanville Lodge Hotel.

Willy Moore @ The session in Conran's Rathnure.

Willy Moore sings a comical song in Conran's Rathnure, 3rd-feb-2012

Chris Forrestal

Chris sings a song "THE BEDFORD VAN" in Conran's Rathnure. 3rd-Feb-2012.